I am thrilled to announce that LONG GOODBYE has been selected in yet another festival to round out a very successful year. On Sunday November 4, 2018 we will be screening at Cinema at The Edge Film Festival (CATE) in sunny Santa Monica, California.

Tell all your friends in LA to come and check us out at Cinema At The Edge, a lively film festival with four days of screenings, parties and artist programs to celebrate independent filmmaking. It’s also hosted during the same time, and in the same neighborhood as the American Film Market, a marketplace where filmmakers and distributors convene from around the world to buy and sell films. All around, it’s a terrific time for LONG GOODBYE to be screening in Los Angeles.

Join us at Cinema At The Edge

Sun, Nov 4th, 3:00 PM
Edgemar Center for the Arts
2437 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Tickets are under $15 to see LONG GOODBYE
Buy your tickets to LONG GOODBYE screening at CATE 2018

About LONG Goodbye

With Brooklyn as the backdrop, “Nevermind Goodbye” tells the story of Avery and Matthew. Two strangers who find comfort in a fantasy relationship with each other. Too deep in their delusion to talk to one another, they both struggle to realize relationships with other people, only to find that reality can’t overcome the fantasy. When reality and fantasy collide, they are both forced to confront their demons. This is a modern coming of age story about two people learning how to grow up, long after adulthood. Watch the trailer online here.

In case you missed it, not long ago, Long Goodbye screened in our hometown, Brooklyn at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and walked away with the Audience Choice award.

See you soon, Santa Monica!


Christopher Vernale

Chris started El Raven Productions in 2013 after years of perfecting his craft as a production freelancer throughout the northeast United States. With vast experience in everything from reality television to commercial production to internal coroporate communications, his visual style can be described as organic and balanced, with a keen sense of storytelling that brings out the highest level of authenticity in his work. A seasoned cinematographer and artist with over 10 years of professional experience in film, video, and still photography, Chris now lives with his wife Mackenzie in Brooklyn, where he likes to write and work on fine art photography in his spare time. You may have seen his work at one of his gallery shows or run into him out and about while polishing his still photography skills. Either way, he was probably carrying a camera because he loves what he does and feels extremely lucky to be doing it for a living.